Forex Technical Analysis based on experience and research.


The blog FxTaTrader is a challenge to achieve the goal of doing the right trades on Forex with a minimum of risk. There should be the least amount of trades but achieving diversification as much as possible. For this the FxTaTrader Models are brought to live and based on this there are Weekly articles written available on my blog.

This blog is initiated because I wish to share my interest in Technical Analysis of the trading markets which has fascinated me since the early 1990's. I was then about 25 years old.

I started studying Business Economics at an intermediate vocational education level and afterwards Exact Sciences at a pre-university secondary education level. After I graudated I have been working as a Software developer, Data and Business analyst for many years. As part of my work I have been attending a lot of courses at college level in this field of expertise.

During the years my studies and work made it possible to look into Technical analysis from an economic and a scientific perspective. Until today I prefer to look at Technical analysis from these sides.

My interest for Technical Analysis kept me curious and I read different books and have been testing many indicators. Also optimizing indicators kept me quite busy for a while. Currently I have filtered what the real interesting indicators are for me. I have also come to the conclusion that optimizing indicators does not work for me.

It all started with trading at the Stock Exchange in The Netherlands and after a few years I was trading on the Nasdaq. I traded with stocks, options, futures and currencies. My market interest has changed from stocks to currencies. I keep learning every day.

After many years using and evaluating different trading models in different types of markets and with different products I filtered out what works best for me. The Forex market made it possible to enhance my trading models even further.

I developed during the years a strategy where placing orders once a day, around closing of the US session, may result in similar or better outcomes compared to other active strategies. These may be strategies where many hours are necessary because of e.g. extensive trading on intraday charts.

By combining my knowledge of Business Economics, Exact Science and IT skills I created for myself, and others who are interested, possibilities which nowadays can easily be combined with a busy daily schedule.

In this blog I will write articles about Forex in combination with Technical analysis based on my experience and research. It is information and no advice. I take a neutral position so the reader can make his/her own mind about things.

In general my goal is to provide on this blog articles which provide value added information compared to what can be found in general on the internet. This value added information is based on my experience and/or the research that I have done.

There are third parties who also provide relevant information for the decision making process and I will try to provide the necessary information so the reader can come to a well reasoned decision. I may refer frequently to information on the internet because it is not my intention to copy/paste here the already available information elsewhere.

The information will be provided as clear as possible without going into details if it is not necessary. The way I see it I believe it is best to get the whole picture. This makes it also easier to understand the details that someone likes to dive into.

I have also added a disclaimer to this blog, please read it.