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FxTaTrader Strategy

The FxTaTrader strategy is a combination of the Weekly or the Monthly analysis and back- and forward-testing of the 8 major currency pairs.

By using the FxTaTrader Models and the Weekly / Monthly updates the best pairs for trading are being filtered. By doing the important back- and forward-testing on a frequent basis the filtered pairs are traded.

The back- and forward-testing is done based on 3 Time Frames. By using entry and exit signals based on a combination analysis of the Ichimoku / MACD and the PSAR indicators the back- and forward-testing is achieved. Every Time Frame has its own criterium for the indicators as mentioned below:
  • The highest Time Frame is for determining the context 
  • The middle Time Frame is for determining the entry decision 
  • The lowest Time Frame is for determining the timing of the entry point (start of the trade)
The Monthly analysis is provided for free on my blog. However the way trading signals are generated will not be available. When the strategy generates profit on a continuous basis I will look into the possibility of making it available to the public.


The roughly explained method here is a part of the strategy that I am using currently for the FxTaTrader Strategy. This method is not used on its own because e.g. money management also plays an important role in the whole. The risks can be high depending on the stop loss placed and experience determining the direction. Although the explanation may seem simple and clear there is always risk involved. I added a disclaimer to my blog for this purpose. I added a disclaimer to my blog for this purpose.

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